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Journalism and Sports Broadcasting student at Texas Christian University. Staff writer for TCU 360. 

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The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition returns to TCU

The Van Cliburn competition — on hiatus for a year due to COVID-19 — will return to TCU’s campus this spring as young pianists from across the globe come to Fort Worth to showcase their skills. It will be the 16th competition that was founded to honor Cliburn, who in 1958 won the first-ever International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow during the Cold War. Fort Worth music enthusiasts and civic leaders staged the competition four years later to honor Cliburn. Until the COVID-19 pandemic, the

International students on campus: an opportunity worth 8,000 miles

TCU’s on-campus international student population skyrocketed this semester compared to last year due to the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine. The Office of International Services worked with the Brown-Lupton Health Center to provide vaccines for all international students. Families of international students were facing the dilemma of whether to send their children to campus in the midst of the pandemic, and the opportunity for vaccination was the deciding factor for many. Remote learning w

Turning the tables: TCU Fraternity and Sorority Life seeks progress after hazing tragedies

TCU Fraternity and Sorority Life partnered with TCU Athletics and Phi Delta Theta to present “Turning Tragedy into Progress” in Schollmaier Arena Tuesday night, where students had a chance to hear testimonies from parents of the Anti-Hazing Coalition. The event was targeted toward individuals in Greek life, though open to all. Hundreds of students filed into the arena when the doors opened at 7 p.m. and continued to fill the seats for 45 minutes until the start of the event. Fraternity members

Working overtime: night classes become a new reality for most students

Many new night class options were introduced this fall as the university scrambled to adjust to COVID-19 protocols calling first for 6 feet, and later 3 feet, of social distancing. The protocols have been set aside, but students should get used to the possibility of evening classes. Registrar Mary Kincannon said night classes will be a feature this spring semester as TCU adjusts to a nearly five percent increase in students. “In the midst of it all, we were anticipating about 2,200 first-year

Blessed Feet: A charity reaching young athletes around the world

A TCU baseball pitcher is putting new life into old cleats. Sophomore pitcher Luke Savage founded the charity Blessed Feet in 2020 to supply used baseball cleats to young athletes around the world. Before starting Blessed Feet, Savage attended two mission trips to the Dominican Republic during high school. Through ongoing conversations with a mentor and coach, he learned that many children who participate in sports do so without appropriate shoes and gear. Through this experience, the charity

Fort Worth female-owned businesses grow, starting on West Vickery

Fort Worth female-owned businesses are flourishing, and a business strip located on West Vickery Boulevard is proving just that. Local businesses Cowtown Clay, Lila + Hayes and Cowtown Kids Art Studio all share similar stories. Not only are these companies architecturally connected, but they are owned and operated by women and by mothers. Small businesses are a necessary piece to Fort Worth’s growing economy, as customers are encouraged to shop locally. These three businesses have experienced

TCU’s Roxo agency: creativity for the campus and community

Roxo, TCU’s student-run advertisement and public relations agency, is in its 10th year of operation on campus. The agency has worked with over 75 businesses in the past decade through its philosophy of “creativity for good.” Roxo was founded in 2011 through a partnership with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. Housed in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, the agency is now made up of 31 “Roxstars” and three client teams. The agency operates like any other ad and PR agency, working with

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